Corrado Dierna (Irma Records, Head Of Licensing) Encanta Interview

He has been in the music Industry for the last 20 years, Licensing Irma Records catalog Worldwide and supporting many Artists.

“I describe music as a source of inspiration for every day”

Read about him, about music, life, inspiration, independent music through the years, and learn more about this man that knows what he is talking about

1 ) Where are you from and how you started collaborating with IRMA Records? I’m from Syracuse in Sicily, Italy I then moved to London and that’s when I started working for IRMA Records.

2) What do you do in IRMA?  In IRMA I cover the role of Head Of Licensing, exploiting all the catalogs looking after all the licenses worldwide for every single track owned and Released by IRMA Records

3) How many years have you been in the music industry? I have been in the music Industry since mid-90´s where I met the guys from IRMA coming to London where I lived for many years until recently,  so it has been about 20 odd years now that I’ve been the music industry.

4) How do you think the independent music has changed the industry over the last years?The Independent music business has changed quite a lot in recent years, , a definite decline over the sales of compilations, in the licensing departments we have experienced a decline of usage of our music and a radical reduction in the  Released by Labels (Independent and Majors) of Physical compilations.
Now Business is very much concentrated on the digital sales and many changes have occurred in the last 10 years or so, the digital world has created many more opportunities of exploitation of Music, not through the traditional methods  but linked to the new opportunities created by streaming, digital sales and many different activities, like monetizing videos which generates income from YouTube for example and many other different platforms.

5)  Your best experience in IRMA?
My best experience in IRMA have been quite a few actually, arranging for example a number of big synchronization licenses obtained in the UK for IRMA tracks, where clients would be either a big drink company or a very well know Household name TV and home Games manufacturer.
Also the organization of big concert organize for Irma artists, like Jestofunk, who performed in a number of top European Jazz Funk Festivals, in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, or Bossa Nostra tour of Russia a few years ago a big Jazz festival in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy.
These have been many good experiences to remember forever.

6) What is your first musical memory?
My first musical memory goes back many years ago, an Italian discovering foreign music for example was a first step to International music, I used to present a program in a local radio station, it’s there that I came in touch for the first time with black soul music, funky music, artists like James Brown, George Clinton, Chic were my initial music memories, but of course many more followed, I am still a big follower of 70’s American obscure Funk and Rare Groove.

7) Where do you listen to music and find inspiration?
I listen to music and find inspiration in many ways, through promotional emails we receive, Promos we receive at the Irma Office, through friends that record new Albums and send them to us to listen and ask us to give comments and feedback on their new work, so lots of different of ways.
I try to keep my iTunes library organized and always updated, so to make it easier to find all the music uploaded during the week and then organize a big Listening session to go through all the new music received.

8) How can you describe music with your own words?
I describe music as a source of inspiration for every day, a constant contact with music in whatever I do from the morning while I work on some new Projects till late evening when I’m listening music with friends.
It has been very good to being involved in this business in being able to work with music.

9) Which are the major challenges and the best part within this industry?
Major challenges and opportunities within this industry, are really the ones linked to make a success with your product, try to make your music known around the world, and find opportunities and make a success of your products.
This opportunities come nowadays from a very wide spectrum, many challenges, range from promoting your products to a Live Audience, licensing your music to as many countries as possible using all the contacts you have around the industry, and try to find as much as success as you can for your Artists, for your Bands, for your Records and that’s a major challenge nowadays because you compete with much bigger Companies, (Majors) that have so much more funds available to promote and exploit the products.
For independent companies like us today is definitely the major challenge!!

                Thank you very much!