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July 2016

Silk Music an inspiring record label.

Launched in January 2008, Silk Music has expanded greatly over the years: from a small, independent Moscow-based imprint to an international, multi-genre enterprise. Yet, its overarching commitment to emotive and intelligent electronic music has remained a constant. Owned by Jacob Henry (USA), Silk Music looks forward to highlighting inspiring and visionary new progressive, house, trance, breakbeat, and chillout tracks for years to come.

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Beginning October 5th, Silk Digital Records, along with sublabels Silk Royal Records, Silk Textures, Silk Sofa Music, and Arrival Recordings, will unite as one imprint: Silk Music.

Since 2008, Silk Music has endeavored to expose a unique style of electronica, distinguished by its emotive and introspective qualities, to a growing global audience. This effort has included the expansion of our parent label into five distinct divisions, each centering on specific sub-genres of electronic music.





Best Karmaloft tracks


Roberto Sol & Florito – Love Finds You (feat. Martine) [Original Mix]


Abendsonne (Radio Edit) | Bes & Meret feat. Chris Haller


Gravity | Castlebed


What If | Dormidontov & Jet Kate


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