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August 2016

Milky Chance Biography


German duo Milky Chance make folk, reggae, and electronica-influenced pop music. Formed in 2012 in Kassel, German, Milky Chance  showcase the talents of singer/songwriter Clemens and DJ Philipp Dausch. The duo first met in an advanced music course while in high school, where Rehbein also played bass in the jazz ensemble. Original, Rehbein and Dausch played together in a local band, but after graduation, the group disbanded and Rehbein and Dausch continued on as a duo. In 2013, after playing two promising live shows, Milky Chance began work on their debut album. When they were finished, they uploaded several of the tracks, including the catchy “Stolen Dance,” to YouTube. To their surprise, the song became a viral hit, racking up millions of views and leading to several sold-out tour dates for the band. Milky Chance‘s full-length debut, Sadnecessary, appeared on Lichtdicht Records in 2013.



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Back to school season.

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Marga Sol interview


Marga Sol

From Macedonia, Marga Sol can delight us with her amazing musical talents and productions and also incredible vibes when she is djing for a crowd doing what she does best.

“I can not imagine myself doing anything else than creating, composing, making musical projects and djing in front of crowd”


When did you start producing music?

– I started in the early 2001 when I bought my first pc. My first official single composed was in 2003 called “Dali Sonuvam (Am I Dreaming)” [still one of my best-sell tracks). My first classes for music production and recording were in 2005 in the biggest Studio and Music School in Macedonia “Enterprise” where I worked as assistant two more years with well known bands, singers and artists from the Balkan Region and wider.


What inspired your choice of genres?

– I have never thought about it acctualy… There wasn’t a moment to stop and decide, oh ok I will work in this genre… it came to me very spontaneously, very natural. For me Lounge, Jazz, Chillout Music is most commercial but also most emotional music that exists. Maybe because I grew up with jazz music, classic, electronic music in the period when bands such as “Backstreet Boys” , “Spice Girls”, “Take That” were inn…but somehow I was always interested into the deeper sounds, the feelings in the background, the real music…not commercial, not the music for the mass… Anyway, biggest inspiration for my genre of music is Nature, than Life by itself and also everyday situations connected with feelings, happenings, including my dj-life also. Most of it comes directly from my inner self and I am involved in this genre unconsciously!

Who are your musical influences?

– I grew up with music from artists such as: Enigma, Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Vangelis, Deep Forest, Yanni, Claude Challe… also Aldi Meola, Jean Michel Jarre, Kevin Yost, York, Orbital, William Orbit… including Classic Music and Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar, Bar Lounge Classics, Ministry Of Sound  and other chillout and world compilations. I have more than 5000 cds at home, buying them was always my big passion!

What does music mean to you?

– Music means LIFE to me. I can not imagine living without doing and listening to Music. I can not imagine myself doing anything else than creating, composing, making musical projects and djing in front of crowd… I tried working for 5-6 years working as Graphic designer, and I was one of the best 10 in my country and around, but I was so unhappy when I was loosing much time for doing something else and that’s not music! So I left everything and dedicated myself to what makes me most happy – MUSIC. Opened my label “M-Sol Records”, started my own projects, started to collaborate with great Labels and artists, worked on big projects also… So, Music goes on with my Life, together, always 🙂

Have you ever collaborated with someone you admire?

– Well, I would point moments such as collaboration with Claude Challe and his Label for his compilations, doing exclusive mixes for Buddha Bar Radio, finding my tracks on Buddha Bar compilations, playing in the most famous Cafe del Mar on Ibiza, compiling one edition of the most known chillout compilations by Sony Music “Bar Lounge Classics – Relax Edition”…


Are you open to collaborating with other artists in the future, and if so, is there anyone in particular you would like to work with? 

– I am always open to collaborate with good artists and I am already collaborating, since mixing energies by creating something unique with another soul is very interesting and creative for me. Yes, I would like to collaborate with few artists and I am already in negotiation with them with “open hands” 🙂 I believe everything is possible when you do it with much love and directly! Music knows no limits…


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