Meet Thomas Lemmer from Osnabrück, Germany. He is a musician, composer, and producer of emotional electronic music.

Find some of its music and a short interview of how he started producing ambient, down tempo, chill-out, lounge and pop music.

Thomas Lemmer

 Why did you start producing music?

It started when I was 16 years old. I was very interested in music production technology. My parents supported me a lot during that time, and I had a piano teacher that was a music producer as well. As I had no “real” recording equipment yet during that time, I started with two cassette recorders and then later with an analog 8 track tape deck. I was really fascinated recording and producing music back then, and haven’t stopped since.

 What do you remember from your childhood that influenced your taste in music?

The Beatles had a huge influence on me early on as I learned a lot of music theory by playing their music. I believe it was Phil Collins and Michael Jackson who influenced me the most. Phil Collins’ “In the air tonight”, his album “Face Value”, and the productions with Genesis are one of the reasons I got into Electronic and Ambient music. Although it’s not Ambient or Electronic music as such, it still carries a lot of typical ambient elements in it. At least I hear it that way.

Describe in your own words… what does music mean to you?

Well, it plays a quite big part in my life. I can’t imagine a life without music.
It’s a place of retreat, and to some extend a purpose in life.

Who has influenced you as an artist?

Many… Phil Collins, Genesis, Michael Jackson, Cultured Pearls, The Beatles and so so many others.

What do you prefer the most? Writing, producing, or composing?

I love all of it, and the combination of it. Typically when I start writing, it is already a part of the production. Only seldom will I write something which I start producing later. It goes hand in hand.



Thomas Lemmer interview for Encanta Musica

Photography: Thomas Lemmer portraits.

By. Tania RV