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“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Marga Sol interview


Marga Sol

From Macedonia, Marga Sol can delight us with her amazing musical talents and productions and also incredible vibes when she is djing for a crowd doing what she does best.

“I can not imagine myself doing anything else than creating, composing, making musical projects and djing in front of crowd”


When did you start producing music?

– I started in the early 2001 when I bought my first pc. My first official single composed was in 2003 called “Dali Sonuvam (Am I Dreaming)” [still one of my best-sell tracks). My first classes for music production and recording were in 2005 in the biggest Studio and Music School in Macedonia “Enterprise” where I worked as assistant two more years with well known bands, singers and artists from the Balkan Region and wider.


What inspired your choice of genres?

– I have never thought about it acctualy… There wasn’t a moment to stop and decide, oh ok I will work in this genre… it came to me very spontaneously, very natural. For me Lounge, Jazz, Chillout Music is most commercial but also most emotional music that exists. Maybe because I grew up with jazz music, classic, electronic music in the period when bands such as “Backstreet Boys” , “Spice Girls”, “Take That” were inn…but somehow I was always interested into the deeper sounds, the feelings in the background, the real music…not commercial, not the music for the mass… Anyway, biggest inspiration for my genre of music is Nature, than Life by itself and also everyday situations connected with feelings, happenings, including my dj-life also. Most of it comes directly from my inner self and I am involved in this genre unconsciously!

Who are your musical influences?

– I grew up with music from artists such as: Enigma, Enya, Loreena Mckennitt, Vangelis, Deep Forest, Yanni, Claude Challe… also Aldi Meola, Jean Michel Jarre, Kevin Yost, York, Orbital, William Orbit… including Classic Music and Cafe del Mar, Buddha Bar, Bar Lounge Classics, Ministry Of Sound  and other chillout and world compilations. I have more than 5000 cds at home, buying them was always my big passion!

What does music mean to you?

– Music means LIFE to me. I can not imagine living without doing and listening to Music. I can not imagine myself doing anything else than creating, composing, making musical projects and djing in front of crowd… I tried working for 5-6 years working as Graphic designer, and I was one of the best 10 in my country and around, but I was so unhappy when I was loosing much time for doing something else and that’s not music! So I left everything and dedicated myself to what makes me most happy – MUSIC. Opened my label “M-Sol Records”, started my own projects, started to collaborate with great Labels and artists, worked on big projects also… So, Music goes on with my Life, together, always 🙂

Have you ever collaborated with someone you admire?

– Well, I would point moments such as collaboration with Claude Challe and his Label for his compilations, doing exclusive mixes for Buddha Bar Radio, finding my tracks on Buddha Bar compilations, playing in the most famous Cafe del Mar on Ibiza, compiling one edition of the most known chillout compilations by Sony Music “Bar Lounge Classics – Relax Edition”…


Are you open to collaborating with other artists in the future, and if so, is there anyone in particular you would like to work with? 

– I am always open to collaborate with good artists and I am already collaborating, since mixing energies by creating something unique with another soul is very interesting and creative for me. Yes, I would like to collaborate with few artists and I am already in negotiation with them with “open hands” 🙂 I believe everything is possible when you do it with much love and directly! Music knows no limits…



Silk Music an inspiring record label.

Launched in January 2008, Silk Music has expanded greatly over the years: from a small, independent Moscow-based imprint to an international, multi-genre enterprise. Yet, its overarching commitment to emotive and intelligent electronic music has remained a constant. Owned by Jacob Henry (USA), Silk Music looks forward to highlighting inspiring and visionary new progressive, house, trance, breakbeat, and chillout tracks for years to come.

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Beginning October 5th, Silk Digital Records, along with sublabels Silk Royal Records, Silk Textures, Silk Sofa Music, and Arrival Recordings, will unite as one imprint: Silk Music.

Since 2008, Silk Music has endeavored to expose a unique style of electronica, distinguished by its emotive and introspective qualities, to a growing global audience. This effort has included the expansion of our parent label into five distinct divisions, each centering on specific sub-genres of electronic music.




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Abendsonne (Radio Edit) | Bes & Meret feat. Chris Haller


Gravity | Castlebed


What If | Dormidontov & Jet Kate


Introducing Budi Voogt and Heroic

Budi Voogt, Co-Founder of Heroic. Record label based in The Netherlands and author of The Soundcloud Bible.

Read this interview of Budi for Encanta and learn some about his thoughts about music, his record label mission, and dutch electronic music industry.



  1. Please tell me a little bit about the history of Heroic Recordings.

Heroic is an independent label and management agency based in the Netherlands. The platform was founded by Budi Voogt and Tim van Doorne in 2013. Beginning as an artist management agency, we expanded with the addition of a record label and also an in-house mixing and mastering division to service our label releases and management artists. All of our releases on Heroic are fully free download and we’re excited to launch our first compilation shortly!

  1. What is the working philosophy of the label?

Heroic’s mantra has always been to empower creators. This means providing artists with a proactive platform to develop their branding, while offering the tools and the right infrastructure to have their music heard and optimally appreciated. Essentially, the goal of Heroic is for artists to be able to transition their passion and talents into a livable full-time career.

  1. What is going at the moment in you label? Any news or some interesting information would you like to share with us. There have been lots of exciting changes within the label.

Lately, we’ve shifted the number of releases we’ll be putting out every month. By shifting our release schedule to prioritize quality over quantity we’re giving each one of these releases the proper nurture and care to make sure it reaches the audience it has to. At the moment, were currently unveiling an overall rebrand which we’ve timed with the release of our upcoming compilation, Heroic’s first ever, which will be released at the end of July. The compilation will be called LUMEN and we’re super excited about that because it signals an exciting merger between our label’s music and artistic concepts, unveiling a “new world” to be discovered within Heroic.

  1. What are your goals for the future of the label?

The vision is for Heroic to become one of the most impactful independent music companies globally, empowering artists through label, management and engineering services. At some point we may even become a cross-media company, representing videographers, directors and graphic artists.

For now the focus is on tightening our operations, growing our team and improving our marketing and social media reach.

Our main goal for Heroic is just to continually grow and scale until it becomes one of dance music’s leading multi-service companies. On our label end we’re constantly trying to grow and scale our business and like I mentioned before we’re hoping to explore new styles and sounds outside of just the electronic bubble that we’ve been working in for this long. On the management end of things San Holo is already a touring artist and we’re looking to have WRLD and DROELOE eventually develop into one as well and we’re actively looking for new audio mastering talent to assist our Head of Heroic Audio Tim.

  1. What do you look for when you take on new artists?

The label has always had a solid focus on the electronic realm of the music industry, particularly with the surge of popularity in the future bass genre over the past few years. Currently, when it comes to scouting new artists, we’re looking to expand our sound and we’ve been diving into new styles ranging from indie to pop. This also means looking for artists who are well-versed musically and are able to show multiple dimension in what they can do. When it comes to new artists, we look at those who may be classically trained, possess killer song-writing skills, have exceptional vocal chops and anything else in addition to quality producing skills.

  1. Who has influenced you musically?

Musically I’m all over the board. Used to be big on punk and hip hop. Then transitioned to hardcore and developed a love for bass music with the likes of Noisia and Koan Sound, techno with Kollektiv Turmstrasse and electronica with Lone and Com Truise.

With the label and management it’s not about representing a particular sound or genre, rather that it needs to be music and artists that just deeply excite me.

  1. Describe how the Dutch music scene is influencing electronic music.

We’re lucky to have a culture in The Netherlands that’s so forward thinking in dance. It’s a combination of lenient legislation that has allowed events to pioneer, together with a lot of musical cultural heritage that’s created this breathing ground where a lot of talented electronic artists sprout up and are inspired by those that came before them. The Netherlands has been a world leader in electronic music for a long time now and we’re hoping to carry that tradition forward with Heroic.

Thank you!

By. Tania RV

New Record label: Heroic Recordings


Heroic is an independent record label and management agency based in the Netherlands, founded by Budi Voogt, and Tim van Doorne in 2013. Their goal is to “empower creators”.

Heroic releases a variety of genres, focusing primarily on electronic dance music and the subgenres of future basstrap, indie-dance and electronica. Their vision is to release good music, irrespective of genre.

Their management division, Heroic Management, represents the artists San Holo, WRLD and Ark Patrol. San Holo saw a quick rise in popularity through 2015 and 2016, growing to over 250.000 followers on SoundCloud and performing at key festivals such as Ultra, Tomorrowland and Coachella.

Heroic Audio is their audio-engineering division, led by co-founder Tim van Doorne, where they both educate artists in mixing and mastering, as well as provide these services to third party artists and labels.

CEO and co-founder Budi Voogt also runs an educational blog teaching the intricacies of the music industry, marketing and entrepreneurship. He has authored The SoundCloud Bible and created the online music marketing school ‘Music Marketing Academy‘.

New releases every Monday, Thursday and Saturday on SoundCloud and Youtube. 

Every Wednesday Heroic Session Podcast 


June 21 Worldwide Music Day / Fête de la Musique

The Fête de la Musique began in Paris in 1982, and was founded by the popular French cultural minister Jack Lang. The festival originated in a humble burst of musical idealism and a few power connections, and yet, in only two decades has become a wildly popular global event. This season, the summertime musical event will draw music lovers in 540 cities worldwide, 300 European cities, about 50 of them in Germany alone.

On June 21st one can hear all styles of music that is free to the public thanks to all of the musicians, bands, orchestras, choirs, soloists and DJs that perform for free on this day.

In Berlin, Fête de la Musique has been produced by the Fête Company by order of the city of Berlin since 1995. The festival started as a small movement and has grown to be one of the largest and most widely attended music festivals our city offers!

fete de la musique



Worldwide Music Day

Encanta musica podcast


Introducing Corrado Dierna from IRMA Records

Corrado Dierna (Irma Records, Head Of Licensing) Encanta Interview

He has been in the music Industry for the last 20 years, Licensing Irma Records catalog Worldwide and supporting many Artists.

“I describe music as a source of inspiration for every day”

Read about him, about music, life, inspiration, independent music through the years, and learn more about this man that knows what he is talking about

1 ) Where are you from and how you started collaborating with IRMA Records? I’m from Syracuse in Sicily, Italy I then moved to London and that’s when I started working for IRMA Records.

2) What do you do in IRMA?  In IRMA I cover the role of Head Of Licensing, exploiting all the catalogs looking after all the licenses worldwide for every single track owned and Released by IRMA Records

3) How many years have you been in the music industry? I have been in the music Industry since mid-90´s where I met the guys from IRMA coming to London where I lived for many years until recently,  so it has been about 20 odd years now that I’ve been the music industry.

4) How do you think the independent music has changed the industry over the last years?The Independent music business has changed quite a lot in recent years, , a definite decline over the sales of compilations, in the licensing departments we have experienced a decline of usage of our music and a radical reduction in the  Released by Labels (Independent and Majors) of Physical compilations.
Now Business is very much concentrated on the digital sales and many changes have occurred in the last 10 years or so, the digital world has created many more opportunities of exploitation of Music, not through the traditional methods  but linked to the new opportunities created by streaming, digital sales and many different activities, like monetizing videos which generates income from YouTube for example and many other different platforms.

5)  Your best experience in IRMA?
My best experience in IRMA have been quite a few actually, arranging for example a number of big synchronization licenses obtained in the UK for IRMA tracks, where clients would be either a big drink company or a very well know Household name TV and home Games manufacturer.
Also the organization of big concert organize for Irma artists, like Jestofunk, who performed in a number of top European Jazz Funk Festivals, in France, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, or Bossa Nostra tour of Russia a few years ago a big Jazz festival in Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy.
These have been many good experiences to remember forever.

6) What is your first musical memory?
My first musical memory goes back many years ago, an Italian discovering foreign music for example was a first step to International music, I used to present a program in a local radio station, it’s there that I came in touch for the first time with black soul music, funky music, artists like James Brown, George Clinton, Chic were my initial music memories, but of course many more followed, I am still a big follower of 70’s American obscure Funk and Rare Groove.

7) Where do you listen to music and find inspiration?
I listen to music and find inspiration in many ways, through promotional emails we receive, Promos we receive at the Irma Office, through friends that record new Albums and send them to us to listen and ask us to give comments and feedback on their new work, so lots of different of ways.
I try to keep my iTunes library organized and always updated, so to make it easier to find all the music uploaded during the week and then organize a big Listening session to go through all the new music received.

8) How can you describe music with your own words?
I describe music as a source of inspiration for every day, a constant contact with music in whatever I do from the morning while I work on some new Projects till late evening when I’m listening music with friends.
It has been very good to being involved in this business in being able to work with music.

9) Which are the major challenges and the best part within this industry?
Major challenges and opportunities within this industry, are really the ones linked to make a success with your product, try to make your music known around the world, and find opportunities and make a success of your products.
This opportunities come nowadays from a very wide spectrum, many challenges, range from promoting your products to a Live Audience, licensing your music to as many countries as possible using all the contacts you have around the industry, and try to find as much as success as you can for your Artists, for your Bands, for your Records and that’s a major challenge nowadays because you compete with much bigger Companies, (Majors) that have so much more funds available to promote and exploit the products.
For independent companies like us today is definitely the major challenge!!

                Thank you very much!



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