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“Without music, life would be a mistake” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Microcosmos Records


Introducing Microcosmos an international family of chill-out artists.

Label brings the light through music to sound systems around the world, always giving atmospheric vibe to the listeners. Microcosmos running multiple festivals with most wanted and relevant chill artists, colorful decorations, visual arts and dance performances.

Ambient /  ChillOut / IDM / Downtempo





Brain on Music


Scientific Fact: One of the few activities that activates, stimulates and uses the entire brain is Music.

Musical activities stimulate development in every area of the brain.


Music training can significantly improve our motor and reasoning skills.

We generally assume that learning a musical instrument can be beneficial for kids, but it’s actually useful in more ways than we might expect. One study showed that children who had three years or more musical instrument training performed better than those who didn’t learn an instrument in auditory discrimination abilities and fine motor skills.


Not only those who study music but also listeners. Listening to music stimulates your brain, boost concentration and can elevate your mood. 

Music defined: a meaningful combination of specific building blocks

Songs: Can function as keys to our mind, unlocking the experiences we associated with a song.

The art of composition: keeping emotional tension without overdoing it, compensating for over tension by brings back the initial melody.

Momentum of beat: our brain has evolved to react emotionally to it. Recognizing the pulse and expecting it to occur and reoccur is an integral component of emotion music.

Musical preference (Young): begins with the music we’re exposed to. We choose music we’re familiar with. Music listened to in the womb will have an effect on later preferences.

Musical preference (older): familiarity seems to play a role in what we like. In older for us to warm to a piece of music, it mustn’t be too simple, not too complex. This has to do with predictability. If it’s too complex, we won’t be able to predict it, which it makes it feel alien, and if it’s too simple, it becomes predictable and we discard it as trivial.

Action: Just tapping along to a song you enjoy or humming your favorite melody has a positive impact on your brain as it wills active areas associated with learning and well-being.

Brain on music

KHB Music

New record label we have signed with, KHB Is a German Record label, KHB Music is a mainstream POP & EDM label founded in 2005 as a division of KHB Marketing Sven Hessel. The objective of the label is the international promotion of modern and trendy music. KHB is specialized in the field of popular music.

This record label is full of fresh music, mainly representing pop music but also oriented on dance and rock productions.





9th of March International DJ Day

The best way to celebrate this day, is going to hear every weekend the whole month a different DJ, Who’s agree with me?

But what is a DJ?

Is a person who selects and plays recorded music for a public. Originally, disk referred to phonograph records, but mainly the person responsible for select and put music, mix and generate vibrations for an audience.


There is different types of DJ’S

We have the radio Disc Jockeys, now music programmers. In the nightclub is the DJ Club, which depending on the club, may be focused only certain music, or genres, require a completely versatile proposal, house, EDM, all the genres for a wide public. There is a Mobile DJ, known in Mexico as Sonidero or light and sound equipment, who brings music to the neighborhoods and towns across the country. Social Event DJ who played music business and social events such as weddings, graduations, birthdays and holidays in general. There is also the turntablist DJ, who with great skill and technique plays with the turntables, creating sounds and unique sessions, as would a guitarist with his guitar. The DJ Session electronic music, interested only for certain genres of what is now known as electronic music. The DJ Producer that makes music, usually the genre he likes and plays. Producers also produce remixes of tracks by other artists. Official Remix, when authorization Bootleg when editing without the consent of the author, vulnerable situation in legal terms.

In March,   the spring, the parties, DJ day celebrating on March, everything’s a good reason, to go to hear what the DJ has to bring at our ears and body.

Discover, your local DJ’s, International DJ’s, discover new music and new vibes and get addicted to this.



DJ Amely Interview

Know better this sweet and lovely DJ #15 in Top 100 DjaneMag 2015.

DJ Amely; good energy, positive vibes, and a big passion for music.  With 8 years in the music scene she has being voted the world’s #1 in the list of supermodel DJ’s 2013, 2014 and 2015 and also the hottest DJ female by Playboy. Read below what she has to tell us with this interesting interview.


What are your biggest musical influences?

Mainly all Dutch music producers, I fell in love with their passion to work and quality of their tracks. Now I’m inspired by sound of Moti, but my musical taste & interests evolve with the constant changes in style.

Do you have a guilty pleasure song?

Hmm, let me think… I can call my track INFECTED as guilty pleasure song to me, the piano in this track explain my deep emotions at a very difficult period in my life when I understood  that I  need “wind of changes ” . I will soon present the official video for this track with parts of my worldwide tour 🙂


How long have you been on the music scene, how did you start?

It all started 8 years ago during my time as a student really & truly as a hobby, it was great fun and got addicted to the good energy. I studied Finance in university (following in my father’s footsteps) but step by step djing became more than hobby and I started to work around the world.

What is the best part of being a DJ?

Sharing emotions & getting to know so many people from different walks of life & nationalities. I make sure to give my 100% positive energy and at the end of each set I feel the crowds & my fans give me back 1000 fold….. I feel myself like mediator between listeners and music, and I’m sure that it’s an addiction 🙂

Which is the best party you have ever thrown?

All parties are different and can’t compare, different countries – different energy. But the perfect stage for me – when the stage is next to the ocean! 😉


Where do you find inspiration to produce music?

I am an artistic person by nature I paint & follow arts including all forms of music so melodies flow effortlessly. I feel very gifted & it is a challenge to implement all of my ideas & creativity into my music. Music keeps me in a constant high allowing me to express huge waves of emotions 🙂

What is your biggest passion in life?

Sharing my music and witnessing the crowds enjoy themselves to the max. Very important is my family who offer me support to keep going and showing how proud they are.

Watch and listen her new video called Simona.

Her latest tracks



By. Tania RV

Photography & videos by Amely

Valentines DJ’s!


Upcoming Events for Valentine



Foam Party



Introducing: Heroic Recordings

New Record label working with us,  Check their awesome music every week, Empowering Creators.

Experimental label group and management agency.

New releases every Monday, Thursday and Saturday (free).
New podcast (Heroic Sessions) every Wednesday.




With the right music you either forget everything or you remember everything!

When you hear that new house song on Friday evening or a new podcast on Monday morning and then suddenly you forget about the world…  Listening a new track or your favorite playlist, can make you get lost into the life flow, this is something special and amazing about music, that’s why many people become addicted to this feeling  and also the vibrations and calm that brings at the body.

Get lost in the music. copy

But as well as can make you forget about everything, music has the same power to make you remember everything.Could be a moment, a day, an experience or a stage in your life, when you are listening a favorite song,  or some music you used to hear every day at a certain time in your life, it can bring you back to the same feeling, as if you were traveling in time through music, like being in another world.

So if you want to get lost in the music or remember how you felt at an exact moment, listen to new releases or go to your old records to remember your past years. Music is a great tool to forget everything or to remember everything as well.

 IMG_1844 (2) copy.jpg


By: Tania RV
Photography: Tania RV

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