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Best tracks from Addal, emotional music.

Be ready for an introspective journey. Addal, he is a musician based in Milan. He has been creating emotional music “It’s the pure essence of love turned into music.”

Listen to his best tracks, remixes and compilations, full of emotions, feelings and passions, his music will make you have a special moment and perhaps bring out some memories.

Thomas Lemmer

Meet Thomas Lemmer from Osnabrück, Germany. He is a musician, composer, and producer of emotional electronic music.

Find some of its music and a short interview of how he started producing ambient, down tempo, chill-out, lounge and pop music.

Thomas Lemmer

 Why did you start producing music?

It started when I was 16 years old. I was very interested in music production technology. My parents supported me a lot during that time, and I had a piano teacher that was a music producer as well. As I had no “real” recording equipment yet during that time, I started with two cassette recorders and then later with an analog 8 track tape deck. I was really fascinated recording and producing music back then, and haven’t stopped since.

 What do you remember from your childhood that influenced your taste in music?

The Beatles had a huge influence on me early on as I learned a lot of music theory by playing their music. I believe it was Phil Collins and Michael Jackson who influenced me the most. Phil Collins’ “In the air tonight”, his album “Face Value”, and the productions with Genesis are one of the reasons I got into Electronic and Ambient music. Although it’s not Ambient or Electronic music as such, it still carries a lot of typical ambient elements in it. At least I hear it that way.

Describe in your own words… what does music mean to you?

Well, it plays a quite big part in my life. I can’t imagine a life without music.
It’s a place of retreat, and to some extend a purpose in life.

Who has influenced you as an artist?

Many… Phil Collins, Genesis, Michael Jackson, Cultured Pearls, The Beatles and so so many others.

What do you prefer the most? Writing, producing, or composing?

I love all of it, and the combination of it. Typically when I start writing, it is already a part of the production. Only seldom will I write something which I start producing later. It goes hand in hand.



Thomas Lemmer interview for Encanta Musica

Photography: Thomas Lemmer portraits.

By. Tania RV

Some succesful young music producers you must know.

Indulge yourself with their musical productions. These young producers have released powerful melodies that will reach your heart and inspire you in a unique way. They have become very succesful in the music scene because of their unique style and innovative productions. Outstanding music and productive lives.

Kidnap Kid is a London based music producer and heads a music label.
At a young age he has developed a name synonymous with consistent quality and outstanding musical ability. In 2016, Kidnap Kid launched ‘Birds That Fly’, a record label and nesting ground for his and others’ musical output.


Sydney, Australia-based RÜFÜS is a creator of atmospheric indie electronic dance-pop. Formed in 2010, when on a rain-soaked vacation to Byron Bay turned into an impromptu jam session, RÜFÜS was creating music with the talents of guitarist Tyrone Lindqvist, keyboardist Jon George, and drummer James Hunt. The trio quickly released two EPs, 2011’s “RÜFÜS” and 2012’s “Blue”. In 2013, they delivered their debut full-length album, “Atlas” on Sony Records. RÜFÜS has become a sensation in his home country of Australia.


Norway-bred 19-year-old DJ/producer, Jerry Folk has been organically developing an impressively substantial following through his innate ability to surprise fans each time he releases one of his eclectic productions. Remixing the likes of Baby Bash, Oh Wonder, Chromeo, ZZ Ward and already taking a turn with an original production, the rising talent has accrued millions of plays on his SoundCloud artist page and has already seen support from fellow Norwegian superstars Kygo and Lindstrøm.


Swiss based South African DJ, producer and musical maverick Nora En Pure is someone who joins dots between different and disparate sounds, styles and scenes with ease. Her main focus is often on indie dance and deep house, as a DJ this venerated talent is on a quest to fulfil her need to arouse feelings of bliss, injecting unconventional and serene sensations on dancefloors around the world.




Mark Lower is a French deep house and nudisco DJ/ Producer, whose real name is Quentin, he was born on June 21, 1995. Unabashed music addict since childhood, Mark started djing at the age of 11 and has since built up an unparalleled musical depth of knowledge.



By.Tania RV

International music day October 1st


International Music Day or World Music Day is a concept too good to believe and the best part is that it actually exists. Yes, International Music day or the IMD was initiated on the 1st of October in 1975 by Lord Yehudi Menuhin. It was first organized by the International Music Council on 1st of October, 1975, in accordance with the resolution taken at the 15th General Assembly in Lausanne in 1973.

The International Music Council (IMC) or the guardian of the IMD was founded by UNESCO in 1949. The IMC is the world’s largest network of organizations, institutions and individuals functioning in the field of music. The International Music Council encourages and fosters musical diversity, access to culture for everyone and unites organizations in some 150 countries worldwide in building peace and understanding among people cutting across class, culture and heritage.

The IMC in its bid to establish a global harmony through the music, celebrates the International Music Day and with special focus on organizing musical events, radio and television programs and press recordings. Amidst all this the onus is also on building up an environment more conducive and hospitable to music-on the practice, consumption and the general aura of music. So, an important zone of interest is also struggle against the pollution of the sound environment and quite interestingly the IMC proposes that each country should maintain a few moments of silence on the International Music Day, and use that silence to listen to music played out in main city squares.

On International Music Day, the desired aim is to create a global atmosphere of music, a platform for people to come together with their diversities and mingle to make one unified whole. Like any other artistic or cultural celebrations the day is generally to celebrate art and to successfully realize these activities, it is essential to mobilize all means at our disposal in the 21st century-the radio and television, concert societies, opera companies, amateur societies; a great many different types of localities should all be used to their best advantage.

In various countries the day is the perfect opportunity to organize grand concerts by roping in the greatest musical artistes of our. Also common are random musical events and talent shows to seek out the new and emerging musical artistes- to build up a treasury of the old and new in the world of music. Music after all is the greatest unifier in humanity and all significant social events have musical pieces dedicated to it. No event is better recognized or defined than by music which defines and completes a perfect human social and aesthetic experience.

Sexy September

This is what happened in September at The Breathless Resorts, at some of the most beautiful cities, real paradise venues, Puerto Morelos and Los Cabos in Mexico & Punta Cana in Republica Dominicana. The Sexiest DJ’s on earth, DJ Rhiannon, DJ Da Candy, Olga Ryazanova, Willy Monfret, Tanja La Croix, and Charlotte Devaney went there throughout the month of September with the best grooves and mixes to make the best party ever at these resorts.



Dj Da Candy





DJ Rhiannon


DJ Amely


Deep, Funky & House! Kinjo Music


Born in Montreal , December 2006, Dave Allison created the label to release only the best in quality deep, funky and underground house music.

Over the past 5 years, the label has upheld a high standard , signing tracks and remixes from such artists as: Giom, JT Donaldson, Joss Moog, Hector Moralez, Kinky Movement, Husky (Random Soul) , Drop Out Orchestra, Joshua Heath, Neighbour, Vernon & Dacosta, Biboulakis, The Littlemen, and many more.

Just about every big name DJ with a taste for the funk in their sets has dropped Kinjo Jams. Including:
Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Diz, DJ Heather, etc.


Milky Chance Biography


German duo Milky Chance make folk, reggae, and electronica-influenced pop music. Formed in 2012 in Kassel, German, Milky Chance  showcase the talents of singer/songwriter Clemens and DJ Philipp Dausch. The duo first met in an advanced music course while in high school, where Rehbein also played bass in the jazz ensemble. Original, Rehbein and Dausch played together in a local band, but after graduation, the group disbanded and Rehbein and Dausch continued on as a duo. In 2013, after playing two promising live shows, Milky Chance began work on their debut album. When they were finished, they uploaded several of the tracks, including the catchy “Stolen Dance,” to YouTube. To their surprise, the song became a viral hit, racking up millions of views and leading to several sold-out tour dates for the band. Milky Chance‘s full-length debut, Sadnecessary, appeared on Lichtdicht Records in 2013.



by Matt Collar

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